Fletro Pro v.5.5 Template Update Changes and Added Features

In this update we focus on simplifying the appearance of the template and providing more space and margins so that the display doesn’t look busy, some elements are also made more distant, you might find some widgets have a larger space than the previous display.

Several new features were also added including some taken and refined from Median UI templates such as Post tabs, Table of content and so on.

Slight change of appearance

The change in appearance of this template focuses more on color and adding some elements as well as simplifying the HTML code and CSS, so if you pay attention to the structure of the CSS code in this update, it is slightly different from the previous version. There are also some features that were removed from the previous version which we consider less used, such as the whatsapp chat widget which is not suitable for a blog.

One of the things that distinguishes the new look from the previous version is the addition of 4 widget units in the footer section and providing contrasting colors with the main elements.

Added new fonts

We replaced and added several new fonts to this template, in the body or the main text the font used was ‘Noto Sans’ and in the headings and source code we used Poppins and Fira Mono as in the Median UI template.

I personally really like the Poppins font in the headings because it’s reused in this template, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change it. How to change the font in this template is also the same as the Median UI, we do our best to make the source code in this template easier to understand even for people who are unfamiliar with the programming language though.

Change icon

The icon in this template has been changed to a slimmer one with a calmer color so that it doesn’t make the eyes tired too quickly, we use the artwork from icon Flexi Design In this update, you can download it via the link provided. We also added a list of direct-to-use SVG icons that you can use in this template.

Change the color of the dark mode and the color of the address bar

The dark mode color has also been changed to be softer to make it more comfortable on the eye. Contrast with the color of the header, which is made bolder, in our opinion this color is the most comfortable for dark mode, not too dark, perfect for reading for a long time.


tag on posts

This template fully supports tags

in the posting section also in the middle ad script and related articles in the middle of the posting.

After updating the template you may find the related article in the middle of the post and the ad in the middle of the post does not appear, this is because the script on the two widgets has been changed which initially appears based on the tag
sorted around to appear on the tag

in a particular order

Post updates

What makes this update take longer are updates to the posts section, changes to the appearance of adding some post features and much more.

Among them the most important and needed for a premium template are Dual language, we use conditional tags for some of the default text on this template so that they automatically change if the main language is not selected, for example in the sentence ‘Share this article’ If the language for the blog is Indonesian then the sentence that appears is ‘Share this article’ otherwise if the language is Indonesia is not selected so the sentence that appears is “Share this article ‘, we also apply the same thing to the default template sentences that are not in the Blogger directory.

Improved post tabs

This feature is a further development of the tabs feature in the Median UI template, if in the Median UI template you can only use a maximum of 2 tabs, then in the Fletro version you can use more than 2 according to your needs.

The only drawback of this feature is that it cannot be used in the AMP version because it uses javascript to activate the tabs function which initially uses pure CSS and HTML

Add a post description under the title

The post description in question is not a snippet, but a search description that will appear in the search results later. You can bring up this feature by enabling search descriptions in Blogger settings

Added snippets on the home page

The snippet here is the initial sentence on the post which is set to only a maximum of 130 characters, the snippet only appears on the homepage and index page. You can also hide it if you don’t think you need it.

Addition of automatic and semi-automatic table of contents

The difference with the Median UI version is that we provide three choices of ways to display the Table of content, namely: manual, semi-automatic and automatic methods for each post. You can choose to use the method that suits your needs.

The tutorial for its use will be discussed in the next article.

Change the publish date to last update

This change will not affect the rich snippet, because for the rich snippet this template uses json. Changes to the publish date in the posting section here only aims to inform readers that the articles they read are always updated.

Added estimated reading time for articles

As in wordpress, in this template we have also added a script to accumulate the possible reading time of the article. this script we got from github.com/ajaymalik14/, this script is important for enhancing the user experience. Some of the major websites are already using this feature.

Changes to the appearance of some styles in the post

Some of the post styles in this template have also been changed to match the nuances of the template, most of the styles in this update follow the styles of the Median UI, including adding some features to the Median UI template.

Added spoilers and accordions to posts

One of the features taken from the Median UI is the accordion and spoiler features in this template, to try to implement this feature you can read the guide on This article

Added Facebook comment option

If previously there was only a disqus comment option in this update, we also added Facebook comments as an option.

Modify Blogger v3 comments

We are working hard to modify the appearance of Blogger comments to be even more modern, it took a long time to make sure all the new features are working properly so we are satisfied with the final result of this new comment view.

Sort comments from newest

The first thing we add is the comment sorting feature, if the standard Blogger comet comments are displayed based on oldest to newest, now you can change it to display the newest comments at the beginning. You can also change the order of the comments permanently in an easy way.

Change the comment date to Time ago

To make it look even better we changed the format of the time stamp in the comments with the help of the time ago script

Add images, qoutes, and html code to comments

Not only that, we also added the script we got from dte.web.id so you can add images, code, and quotes in the comments column.

In the original script there is also a video addition feature, but we removed it because it is not too important for a blog comment

Blogger widget updates

We changed some of the default template widgets in terms of appearance such as the Profile widget, Popular post and so on.

Profile Widget

Following the changes in the existing widget in the Median UI template, in this template we also apply the same thing, only a different display style

Eidget PopularPosts and Labels

Similar to the Profile widget, we also changed the PopularPosts and Label widgets. Now the label widget shows only 4 labels and hides the rest to save space in the template.

Added a widget to the Footer

There are four widgets in the footer section, the LinkList widget for placing important links on the blog and also an HTML widget for crediting the blog or for placing sponsored banners, in our example we added a DMCA banner in that section.

We really need your suggestions and input for the future development of this template. Please support us to continue to develop this template and also make other templates in the future by using / buying templates officially. We thank you very much for those of you who have purchased this template.

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